Meeting recap

Recap of November 16, 2021 City Council Meeting

Mount Dora Regular City Council Meeting

November 16, 2021 @ 5:30pm

Community Building

-Acknowledgement of Certified Election Results. City Council voted unanimously to accept the election results.

-Swearing in of Newly Elected and Re-elected City Councilmembers

-Dr. Marc Crail, District 4 Councilmember, is our new Vice Mayor.

Consent agenda:

  • Amendment 1 to the Piggyback Agreement with Seminole Office Solutions for lease of equipment. The City Manager pulled this item for further discussion. Our finance director clarified that the contract as presented to Council was incorrect and we would actually only need to lease 12 copiers instead of 13 copiers. This results in a decrease of $2,469.60 per year on the 3-year contracted price. This passed 7-0.

Action Items:

  • Resolution 2021-122, Application for African-American Cultural and Historical Grant. A grant is available stemming from funds available due to the pandemic to to encourage improvements to an existing city property that showcases art and history of a City facility. The last day to apply for this grant is November 30, 2021. City staff requested approval to apply for $600,000 to renovate portions of Cauley Lott Park (corner of Highland and Pine). These renovations are part of the City’s Parks Master Plan and as our Leisure Services Director pointed out, are long overdue. The City is required to match 50% of the portion of this grant that exceeds $500,000. The City’s matching portion, if we receive this grant money, will be $50,000. This passed 7-0. In addition, the City was previously awarded $200,000 from a Lake County Water Authority reimbursable grant to use towards renovations of Cauley Lott Park.
  • Resolution 2021-127, FY 2020-21 Year End Budget Amendment. This was a somewhat lengthy presentation but these year end amendments are required by State Statute. This year’s amendments actually included increased revenues of more than $1.6 million which allowed the City to cover some expenditures that came in over budget without dipping into our General Fund reserves. One of the largest expenditures the City had not budgeted for was the payout of the former City Manager’s contract as well as having to pay our interim City Manager for the last 7 months. This passed 7-0.
  • Discussion/Action related to Start Time for City Council Meetings. City Council decided unanimously to move the start time of the Council meetings to 6pm beginning with our first Council meeting in 2022.

Public Hearings - Resolutions/Ordinances

  • First Reading of Ordinance 2021-07, Annexation for Route 46 Properties, LLC (33.38 acres). This passed 7-0.
  • Single Reading of Ordinance 2021-08, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for Route 46 Properties, LLC. This passed 7-0.
  • Resolution 2021-44, Preliminary PUD Route 46 Properties, LLC. This preliminary PUD is not required to supply a site plan but the applicant was present and let us know that this project will be completed in phases. The high density residential units with be constructed at the back of the property, furthest from SR 46, and the commercial portion of the property will run along SR 46. Growth in this area is what has been planned for in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This passed 7-0.
  • First Reading Ordinance 2021-20, Annexation for FRB Properties, LLLP (1.77 acres). This passed 7-0.
  • Single Reading Ordinance 2021-21, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amedment for FRB Properties, LLLP. This passed 7-0.
  • First Reading of Ordinance 2021-22, Change in Zoning FRB Properties, LLLP. The representative for the applicant of this project detailed that this property will be developed into a 10,000-15,000 sq ft. building for a retail store.

Advisory Board Appointments - Austin Guenther has requested to appoint Gerry Guenther to the Northeast CRA Advisory Board to replace now Councilmember Nate Walker. Mr. Guenther‘s appointment was approved unanimously.

City Attorney Report - the City Attorney reported that the second opinion she requested, regarding the building height petition, has been finalized and will be presented to the City Council and the public at the December 7, 2021 Regular City Council meeting. This will be a regular agenda item instead of falling under the City Attorney’s report which occurs near the end of the meeting.

Future meeting dates:

Regular City Council Meetings on:

December 7th - 5:30pm

December 21st - 5:30pm

January 4th - 6:00pm

January 18th - 6:00pm

If I can ever help to clarify or explain anything at all please reach out to me any time at all. Thank you for being involved.

Crissy Stile

Mayor of the City of Mount Dora

352.408.4693 (call or text)