Upcoming City Council Meeting

Upcoming City Council Meeting Nov 16, 2021

Mount Dora Regular City Council Meeting

November 16, 2021 @ 5:30pm

Community Building

-Acknowledgement of Certified Election Results

-Swearing in of Newly Elected and Re-elected City Councilmembers

-Election of Vice Mayor

Consent agenda:

*(remember, unless a Councilmember asks to have an item from the consent agenda removed for further discussion each item on the Consent Agenda is approved without discussion)

  1. Amendment 1 to the Piggyback Agreement with Seminole Office Solutions for lease of equipment. This results in an annual equipment lease amount of $36,259.

Action Items:

  1. Resolution 2021-122, Application for African-American Cultural and Historical Grant. This is a matching grant available from the Florida Department of State providing funding for facilities that highlight the contributions, culture, or history of African-Americans. If approved the City will apply for a $600,000 grant requiring the City to match 50% of funds for any amount over $500,000. If granted the cost to the City will be $50,000. Funds would be available July 1, 2022.
  2. Resolution 2021-127, FY 2020-21 Year End Budget Amendment. List of accounts and amounts being amended are available on the City’s website.
  3. Discussion/Action related to Start Time for City Council Meeting

Public Hearings - Resolutions/Ordinances

  1. First Reading of Ordinance 2021-07, Annexation for Route 46 Properties, LLC (33.38 acres).  This property is currently zoned County Agriculture. The proposed land use is Mixed Use. The plan states commercial and high density residential. This resolution is just to annex the property into the City.
  2. Single Reading of Ordinance 2021-08, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for Route 46 Properties, LLC. This request is to change of 8.07 acres from County Urban Low Density (4 dwelling units per acre) to City Residential High (18 dwelling units per acre) and 24.91 acres to commercial along SR 46.
  3. Resolutions 2021-44, Preliminary PUD Route 46 Properties, LLC. The project includes multi-family (442 units) with on-site amenities (pool, clubhouse, and open space) and maximum 55,000 square feet of multiple commercial buildings in two phases. This development will connect to Niles Road.
  4. First Reading Ordinance 2021-20, Annexation for FRB Properties, LLLP (1.77 acres). This request is to annex a parcel currently zoned as County Regional Office into the city limits. 
  5. Single Reading Ordinance 2021-21, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for FRB Properties, LLLP. This request would amend the Land Use Map of the same 1.77 acres from Ordinance 2021-20 from County Regional Office to City Commercial (C-3).
  6. First Reading of Ordinance 2021-22, Change in Zoning FRB Properties, LLLP. The applicant has submitted annexation and future land use amendment applications to run concurrently with the rezoning application. The applicant has indicated the intended use to develop the site for a retail store.

Advisory Board Appointments

City Manager Report

City Attorney Report

Future meeting dates:

Regular City Council Meetings on:

December 7th

December 21st

January 4th

January 18th