Upcoming September 20, 2022 Regular City Council Meeting

Mount Dora City Council

Mount Dora City Hall Board Room

510 North Baker Street, Mount Dora, Florida 32757

September 20, 2022, 6:00 PM


1. Proclamation Regarding the 60th Anniversary of the Mount Dora High School Stadium

2. Mount Dora Fun Fact


1. Request Ratification of the Submittal for the Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant. This is an opportunity for Council to ratify the City's application for the US Department of Transportation's Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant. If successful, the 80% federal share will go a long way in support of Mount Dora's transportation safety goals in such things as safe intersections, pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, and regulatory compliance with ADA requirements and design standards. It would also enable transportation enhancements for the entire community for such things as public transportation mobility, sidewalk extensions, and potential projects such as improved pedestrian and bicycle crossings over US 441, to suggest one example.

2. Request Adoption of Resolution No. 2022-60, Acceptance of 7.7 Acre FDOT Surplus Property, State Road No. 46, Section No. 11130, F.P. No. 238275-2. This represents the successful conclusion of a 2018 City request to FDOT for a public purpose transfer of certain property that FDOT had acquired for construction of the Wekiva Parkway Section 3B six-lane widening of SR 46. FDOT has a formal process for unneeded property that they are allowed to surplus to local government for a public purpose. These public purpose surplus arrangements sometimes come with certain conditions. In this instance, the property will revert to FDOT if it is used for anything except a public purpose. At one time, this 7.7 acre tract was contemplated for construction of an "Eastside Fire Station." FDOT does not specify a particular public use. At a minimum, the City plans to use a part of this tract to extend Niles Road to connect with the future Vista Ridge Drive.

3. Request Adoption of Resolution No. 2022-61, Acceptance of 12.20 Acres FDOT Surplus Property, State Road No. 46, Section No. 11130, F.P. No. 238275-2. These public purpose surplus arrangements sometimes come with certain conditions. In this instance, the property will revert to FDOT if it is used for anything except a public purpose. FDOT does not specify a particular public use. Use of the property for private or commercial purposes will cause ownership to revert to FDOT. Once the deed transfer is completed, the Planning and Development Department will start the process of annexation and assignment of City Public Lands/Institutional land use/zoning.

4. Authorization for Mayor to Execute and Submit Application to Florida Central Railroad for the Installation of Drainage Inlets in the Railroad Crossing at Liberty Avenue and, if Approved, Authorization to Execute the Associated License Agreement Following Review and Approval by the City Attorney. This is an opportunity for Council to authorize the Mayor's signing of the Central Florida Railroad application for the City's installation of stormwater pipes and inlets on the railroad right-of-way running north of Liberty Avenue to the City's water retention area located upstream from Gilbert Park.

5. Request Approval of Vehicle Lease Payoffs: Bancorp Lease and Enterprise Lease. The City leases 25 Public Safety vehicles from The Bancorp Bank and 50 white fleet vehicles from the Enterprise FM Trust. The City's  Finance office is requesting to pay off 25 vehicle leases for Public Safety from The Bancorp Bank up to an amount of $265,000, and to complete early pay off of 50 vehicle leases from Enterprise FM Trust up to an amount of $450,000 by September 30, 2022. The final payment of the leases for 25 Public Safety and 48 white fleet vehicles was initially scheduled for December 2022. The remaining 2 vehicles were purchased in the last two fiscal years and were not scheduled to be paid off until 2025 and 2027.

6. Request Approval of Meeting Minutes

- August 22, 2022 City Council Budget Work Session

- September 6, 2022 CRA Governing Board

- September 6, 2022 Northeast CRA Governing Board

- September 6, 2022 Regular City Council


1. Request for approval for Mayor to sign a letter to Lake County BCC for directions related to Mount Dora Groves development; and request permission for City staff to represent the City in upcoming Lake County public hearings regarding this matter. The Planning and Development Department is in receipt of comprehensive plan amendments and zoning applications affecting property within the Mount Dora Joint Planning Area (JPA). City staff has worked diligently to communicate project issues related to requested land use changes, proposed housing types, density, development design standards, and other aspects of a similar land use and proposed planned unit development zoning district (PUD).  The staff has noted utility requirements and other aspects of the JPA. Attachment 1 outlines the City's position as outlined in the JPA, and provided a list of numerous Land Development Code deficiencies. The staff communicated to the County various city standards starting in February 2002 (Attachment #2 is a series of staff responses better pertaining to the proposed development).  The County is proceeding with the development at the October 4, 2022 BBC meeting.

2. Request Approval of the Agreement between the City of Mount Dora and A.C. Schultes of Florida, Inc., for Construction Services - Well 3 at Water Treatment Plant 2. The project will facilitate the construction of an additional well at WTP #2. This well will be sized to provide approximately 2,000 gallons per minute of flow, and will further the capacity at WTP #2 to help accommodate current and future growth once the project is ultimately completed. With the continued development occurring in the Eastern Service Area, the additional well will ensure adequate water supply for the population growth expected. The new well is consistent with the City's current Potable Water Master Plan. The City has two water plants. WTP #1 has sufficient well and pump capacity to meet the daily potable water needs of the entire City.  WTP #2 does not have the well or pump capacity to serve the entire City should WTP #1 experience a major disruption of service. This project will be the first step towards providing plant redundancy for the City's potable water system. This project is only for the installation of the well bore and well production-development. Engineering for equipment installation to connect the new well to WTP #2 is scheduled for fiscal year 2023-2024 (Capital Improvement Project Budget Item Estimate: $90,000). Construction and installation of the equipment is scheduled for fiscal year 2024-2025 (CIP Budget Item Estimate: $800,000).


1. Request Adoption of the Single Reading (Final/Adoption) Ordinance No. 2022-13, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for Sean A. Jones (Vedder Holsters). The proposed amendment will change approximately 4.90 acres from High Density Residential to Industrial. The proposal is for future development of the Vedder Holsters office, manufacturing, and warehouse. The uses and site design standards are being processed in a companion Final PUD Master Plan. Address: 1649 Lincoln Avenue (Located north side of Lincoln Avenue Street and west of U.S. Highway 441).

2. Request for Approval of the First Reading of Ordinance No. 2022-14, Final PUD Master Plan for Vedder Holsters. This Final PUD Master Plan is being processed in concert with Small-Scale Future Land Use Amendments. The applicant's master plan tailors the site design, parking, building location, and uses specific to the Vedder Holsters. The project is planned for construction in two phases. The owner has indicated to staff that the advertisement's exterior signage will not contain the word "holsters" but will be neutral. It will feature the word "Vedder" with an eagle logo. Vedder Holster currently has a facility located off Camp Avenue and is in need of expansion. The facility manufactures various leather products.

3. Request Approval of the First Reading of Ordinance No. 2022-17, Annexation for Green Wheat, LLC and Donnelly, LLC (1.14 Acres). The applicant has petitioned the City for annexation for two parcels (1.14 acres) located on the east side of SR 44 and south of Meadenhall Boulevard. This action is for annexation only. The lands are eligible for annexation, contiguous to existing city limits adjacent to the south, east, north, and located within the City/County Joint Planning Agreement (JPA) boundary. The owner's intention is to construct a new single-family home on the Donnelly LLC parcel. The second parcel is developed with an existing single-family dwelling.

4. Request Adoption of Final Reading of Ordinance No. 2022-12, Amending Chapter 42 of the Code of Ordinances to allow for Electric Carriages. As directed by City Council at the June 21, 2022 meeting following the presentation from the owners of the Olde Mount Dora Carriage Company regarding the use of electric carriages in the downtown area, this is a formal ordinance amending the City's traffic and vehicle chapter. The presentation from the Olde Mount Dora Carriage Company described a business plan for historic tours and event transportation to the downtown area via their "horseless" electric carriages. The vehicles are a Victorian style theme to complement the historic downtown.

5. Request Adoption of Final Reading of Ordinance No. 2022-10, Land Development Code Amendment. As directed by the City Council following action on a proposed Charter Amendment (Ordinance No. 2022-08) to limit building heights in certain areas, attached is a proposal to amendment the City's Land Development Code to provide enhanced variance criteria. The height limitation area was described as the "Building Height Impact District" (Attachment #1 is a map of the areas). This ordinance effective date, if so accepted, will be subject to the November 8, 2022, general election ballot pertaining to the Charter Amendment, as the contents of the proposed LDC Amendment are related.

6. Request Adoption of Resolution No. 2022-53, Electric Carriage Rates. At the September 20th meeting, City Council will be presented Ordinance No. 2022-12 for consideration which adds Article IV within Chapter 42 of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances to include the operation of Electric Carriages within the jurisdictional limits of the City of Mount Dora. If approved, pursuant to the provisions set forth in Ordinance No. 2022-12, the City shall adopt fees by Resolution related to the operation of Electric Carriages. The suggested rates are as follows:

Electric Carriage Application Fee $100.00

Electric Carriage Duplicate Permit Fee $10.00

Electric Carriage Transfer Permit Fee $10.00

Electric Carriage Renewal Permit Fee $50.00  

These fees will be incorporated into the updated Master Fee Schedule to be presented at a future meeting for consideration.

7. Request Adoption of Resolution No. 2022-50, Approval of Final Millage Rate. The Lake County Property Appraiser has certified the gross taxable value of property for operating purposes within the City of Mount Dora as $1,552,911,834 and has certified a rolled-back rate of 5.5029 per $1,000 of taxable value for the City of Mount Dora. The City Council of the City of Mount Dora, Florida, deems it necessary to levy and does hereby levy a final tax of $5.9603 mills upon all real and personal property within the City for operational purposes. The operating levy of $5.9603 mill represents an 8.31% increase from the rolled-back rate of $5.5209 per $1,000 of taxable value. What this boils down to is we are keeping our millage rate the same as last year’s rate, but because property values increased you will see a slight increase in the City portion of your property taxes.

8. Request Adoption of Resolution No. 2022-51, Approval of Final Budget. Resolution No. 2022-51 establishes the Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 for the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Debt Service, Capital Improvement Funds, Enterprise Funds and other Internal Services Funds at $218,441,823.


1. Lobbyist Update



• Council Member Nate Walker

• Council Member Doug Bryant

• Council Member John Cataldo

• Council Member Austin Guenther

• Council Member Cal Rolfson

• Vice-Mayor Marc Crail

• Mayor Crissy Stile


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Thank you for keeping up with what’s happening at City Hall. Should you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to me or any members of your City Council.

Crissy Stile

Mayor, City of Mount Dora