Mount Dora residents can easily recycle metal cans and cardboard every month! As Mayor it is extremely important to me, and so many of our residents, that we take steps toward recycling again in Mount Dora. I have compiled a small team of volunteers to coordinate a monthly pick up of your flattened cardboard and metal cans to be recycled instead of being thrown out with your regular trash.

Maybe even more importantly, the recyclable metals are delivered to a local recycler and we receive on average $0.20/pound on the recyclable metals we turn in. It’s not a lot of money but it ensures these metals are recycled AND the money collected will benefit local not-for-profits right here in Mount Dora. The cardboard is placed in the cardboard only dumpster at the library. I hope that sometime soon we will be able to bale the collected cardboard thats picked up to create some revenue for the City.

 Sign up below and simply put your cans in a bin and your flattened cardboard at the end of your driveway the first Saturday of every month (last Saturday of the month if you live in the Country Club of Mount Dora).
100% of the proceeds from our recycling efforts will be donated to local non-profits.

How it Works

Sign up.

Sign up for recycling pickup using the form below. We just need your name, physical address, and email (we won't send you spam, but would like to be able to send important updates and reminders).

Prepare items for pickup.

Save your aluminum cans (drink cans, food cans, pet food cans, and any other metal cans) rather than throwing them away (no need to rinse).  Kindly place your flattened cardboard inside of one cardboard box that is still intact for ease of pickup. Place them in a bin at the end of your driveway by 7 am the first Saturday of every month (last Saturday of the month if you live in the Country Club of Mount Dora).

Let us take care of the rest.

Our team of volunteers will collect your metal cans and take them to a local recycling facility. We will donate 100% of the money collected from our recycling efforts to local non-profits, including Lake Cares Food Pantry. 

Sign Up for Recycling Pickup

A Coca Cola can, pet food can, Arizona tea can, and an empty food aluminum can.
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Where does the money go?

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The money collected will be dispersed to various non-profits throughout Mount Dora. For example, Lake Cares Food Pantry, etc.

What types of cans do you take?

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We can collect any metal cans. Aluminum drink cans, tuna fish cans, soup cans, pet food cans, fruit and vegetable cans and any other metal cans.

When should I set my recycled cans on the curb?

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Bins should be set out at your curb on the first Saturday (last Saturday if you live in CCMD) morning of every month before 7AM.

What if I need a pickup more than once a month?

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If you accumulate more cans than you care to store please text or call Crissy and she’ll schedule an additional pickup. 352.408.4693

What more can I do to help?

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Buy less plastic! When you can, please buy metal cans instead of plastic.
Tell your Mount Dora friends and neighbors to sign up too.

Do I need to rinse the cans out first?

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For our purposes the cans do not need to be rinsed.

What’s the best way to package the cans for pickup?

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Ideally we would avoid wasting a plastic bag so if you have a separate receptacle you can simply throw the cans in there loose. Upon pickup we will dump your cans into our receptacle and leave your receptacle at your curb. Additionally, please leave your cans intact. It actually slows the crushing process if they are bent, or partially crushed, in any way.

What else can we recycle?

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The City is working on being able to recycle cardboard very soon so get ready. After that we can look for ways to tackle plastic and glass.

Where do I recycle old paint, dead batteries and other hazardous materials?

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